You should all know this by now. What makes the difference in whether or not you win your Oscar pool is not the Best Picture or Best Actor categories. In our current Oscar world, those are fairly predictable. No, what matters are the often hard to predict technical categories. Let’s take a look at Sound Mixing, where the nominees are King Kong, War of the Worlds, Memoirs of a Geisha, Chronicles of Narnia, and Walk the Line. Worlds and Narnia haven’t received much buzz. Their prize is in the nominations. Geisha features a sound crew that has previously been nominated almost twenty times but has never won. Does that give them an edge? Not really. Tech category winners generally go to the best movie, rather than the most popular actor/actress. So that brings it down to King Kong vs. Walk the Line. Kong has the advantage of being the loudest and most effects driven film, which has been a factor in the past. But keep in mind two of Peter Jackson’s LOTR movies didn’t win Best Sound. Walk the Line features dazzling musical numbers and recently won the Cinema Audio Society award. In the spirit of Ray, which captured the Sound award last year, Oscarfrenzy predicts Walk the Line to take home this year’s trophy.