This will be an interesting category to watch come Oscar night. Many experts are picking Crash, which creatively weaves together the lives of many people in melting pot LA. Crash did recently pick up the Writer’s Guild award, which gives it a huge boost. But it still stops short of slamming the door on its competition. One of the biggest reasons why is what we have previously mentioned as “The Clooney Factor.” The ever popular George Clooney is up for three categories, and it seems plausible that Academy voters will want to hand him something shiny. But Best Director is almost a lock for Ang Lee and Paul Giamatti is looking pretty solid over in the Supporting Actor department. So screenplay may be King George’s best shot. Hmmm. As for the other contenders, some people will tell you to never count out the Woody (Allen), but even though Match Point is very good, it still falls short of his best work. Syriana and The Squid and the Whale will garner votes, but don’t possess enough passion to overtake the frontrunners. So as it stands, with Good Night and Good Luck and Crash mired in a dead heat, this race is still too close for Oscarfrenzy to call. Stay tuned folks. We’ll figure it out eventually.Cassandra’s Dream movie