George ClooneyCurrently, Oscar Frenzy is not predicting George Clooney to win in any of his three nominated categories. However, there is a hidden factor that we might have discounted, the Clooney Factor. The Clooney Factor is the notion that although he might not deserve an award, everyone loves George Clooney, and will vote for him because he is a stand-up guy. My favorite Facts of Life alum has been nominated for: best supporting actor in “Syriana,” and best director and original screenplay for “Good Night, and Good Luck.” Matt Monochio recently pointed out that Clooney’s Hollywood pull might influence votes in a Daily Record commentary. Oscar Frenzy will be taking into account the Clooney Factor as we make predictions for best supporting actor, best director, and best originial screenplay. The strength of “Good Night, and Good Luck” coupled with the Clooney Factor might lead to some unexpected victories come Oscar night.