The critics have spoken. And there’s certainly a consensus. However, does it necessarily mean anything for the Best Picture race? Keep in mind that in past years, films like “Sideways” and “Brokeback Mountain” swept the critics awards, but still felt short with the Academy. “No Country For Old Men” was the exception last year. So while “Slumdog Millionaire” is sweeping trophies left and right, it still has a ways to go to capture the heart of mainstream America. Take a list at our list below and notice how certain regions are voting. It is pretty fascinating.

Detroit – Slumdog Millionaire

Chicago – Wall-E

Florida – Slumdog Millionaire

Phoenix – Slumdog Millionaire

New York – Milk

Dallas – Slumdog Millionaire

Boston – Slumdog Millionaire, Wall-E (tie)

Los Angeles – Wall-E

San Francisco – Milk (what a shock!)

San Diego – Slumdog Millionaire

St. Louis – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Houston – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Austin – The Dark Knight

Las Vegas – Frost/Nixon

Washington DC – Slumdog Millionaire

Utah – The Dark Knight

Southeastern Film Critics – Milk

African-American Film Critics – The Dark Knight

NY Online – Slumdog Millionaire

National Board of Review – Slumdog MillionaireAfter the Sunset ipod