Sometime tomorrow morning, Oscar Frenzy will post its official predictions for the 2009 Academy Awards. This has certainly been an interesting year and there are many categories which are very close. Let’s take a look at some of the most compelling storylines as we creep up to the big ceremony.

1. Will Slumdog sweep the Oscars?

The last time it happened was in 2003, when LOTR: Return of the King went an amazing 11 for 11 on Oscar night. Many experts are forecasting a similar outcome, but there are a few things to keep in mind. The Return of the King sweep was three years in the making. The first two installments did not win Best Picture, and there was a widespread sentiment out there that the film ought to be heavily rewarded. Secondly, Return of the King was an epic film that featured a little bit of everything. Art direction, cinematography, sound, visual effects, costumes were all integral parts of the film. Not so much for Slumdog. That being said, if the passion for Slumdog is really that intense, it could still put it off. It’s just nothing to be taken for granted.

2. Where will the shockers come from?

As you know, every year there are a few results that just come out of left field. A few good examples would be Happy Feet beating Cars for Animated Film, The Golden Compass triumphing over Transformers for Visual Effects, and Pan’s Labyrinth besting Children of Men for Cinematography.

Here are a few scenarios that are unlikely, but possible:

Iron Man beats The Curious Case of Benjamin Button for FX. A lot of people seem to love Iron Man while the support for Button seems tepid. Voters may want to give that film something.

Josh Brolin stuns Heath Ledger for Best Supporting Actor. OK, this is very, very unlikely. But there is a remote chance that certain Academy members will resent being “pressured” into voting for Heath. Brolin was terrific in Milk and it’s a film that is beloved by many. It’s also a film that is timely, issue wise, and some voters will want to embrace it even more in light of the injustice of a few years back when Brokeback Mountain was passed over in favor of Crash. Brolin is also well liked and a rising star. Still, this will probably not happen.

Taraji P. Henson wins Best Supporting Actress. The rationale is that she will ride the coattails of the only Best Picture nominee in that category, much like Tilda Swinton did last year. With past winners Marisa Tomei (nominated again) and Marcia Gay Harden, we know that anything can happen. Still, Henson is a tough sell. She doesn’t have a body of work to her name and Button was not as well respected as Michael Clayton.

What do you think will be the biggest surprises of the night?