Wow. The King’s Speech dominated the BAFTA Awards on Sunday, taking home seven trophies, including Best Picture. As expected, Colin Firth won Best Actor. However, Tom Hooper, fresh off his DGA triumph, lost out to David Fincher for Best Director. Might this portend a Best Picture/Director split at the Oscars in two weeks? Or perhaps the BAFTA voters just felt a little guilty for giving The King’s Speech everything.

The most interesting development was in the supporting categories. Geoffrey Rush beat out Christian Bale for Best Supporting Actor and Helena Bonham Carter won Best Supporting Actress. Since Oscar polls don’t close until January 22nd, these results will influence Academy voters. Oscar frontrunners Bale and Melissa Leo now have reason to worry that a King’s Speech sweep could leave them going home empty handed.

Oscar Frenzy had a very successful day predictions-wise, accurately predicting 13 out of 17 categories.