On Sunday night, the SAG will weigh in on the big acting races. SAG winners have often gone on to win the Academy Award, and usually they correlate better than with the Golden Globes. Here are our predictions:

Best Actor – Sean Penn, Milk

He didn’t win many years ago for Mystic River and since he was brilliant in Milk, this may be his make-up award. Bu we’re still favoring Mickey Rourke to take home the Oscar

Best Actress – Kate Winslet, Revolutionary Road

This is really interesting, because Kate is nominated for The Reader for the Oscar. But we sense this is her year and so the guild members will want to reward her over perenniel favorite Meryl Streep and newcomer Anne Hathaway.

Best Supporting Actor – Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight

Is there any doubt? He was sensational and it will be another long standing ovation.

Best Supporting Actress – Kate Winslet, The Reader

Because her performance is really a lead, she’ll tower over the competition. Penelope Cruz has a chance, but Kate’s been so brilliant for so long that they won’t mind rewarding her twice here, just like at the Golden Globes.

Best Cast – Doubt

If The Curious Case of Benjamin Button pulls the upset here, it could be great momentum heading into the Oscars. But it likely won’t happen. Doubt has four nominated actors, so that usually adds up to best overall cast.