11:47: No Country takes Best Picture. In the end, it looks like the pundits were right. No Country swept all the guilds and was in the frontrunner’s position the entire season. It might not have been a typical Oscar film, but it was good enough this year. As they said in the movie, You Can’t Stop What’s Coming. See you next year when we hope to finish better than 15 for 24.

11:38: Cohen brothers win for best director.

11:31: Best actor goes to Daniel Day-Lewis. Not so surprising. What is odd is that there was no standing ovation.

11:25: Diablo Cody wins for best original screenplay. What an amazing win. This was her first screenplay, and she’s already an Oscar winner. Here’s looking forward to many more great works from her.

11:20: Documentary Short Subject goes to Freeheld and Documentary Feature goes to Taxi to the Dark Side. Taxi was not expected to win.

11:09: Atonement takes best score. This is a well deserved award. Marianell also composed the beautiful piano music for Pride and Prejudice three years ago.

11:02: Now No Country may really be in trouble. It’s lost sound, editing, and cinematography. The presumptive Best Picture winner only has one award so far. Could there be a monumental upset in the making?

11:00: There Will Be Blood takes best cinematography.


Once wins best song for “Falling Slowly.” It looks like the curse of the multiple nominations prevails again. Same thing that happened to Dreamgirls happened to Enchanted this year. That’s three in a row for us.

10:44: The Counterfeiters takes best foreign film.

10:29: Bourne takes film editing. This could be a sign of weakness for No Country For Old Men. Usually, editing matches up with the eventual Best Picture winner.

10:27: The current tally is Bourne Ultimatum with 2 wins, La Vie En Rose with 2 wins, and no one else with more than one. No Best Picture nominee has more than one win so far. Dave just threw something at his TV screen when they showed Crash as the best picture winner.

10:09: Best actress goes to Marion Cotillard. Should have know. The actress with the most dramatic physical transformation always seems to win this category.

10:05: Sound mixing goes to Bourne. This means that Kevin O’Connell has now lost 20 times in this category. Doesn’t the academy have any sense of decency?

10:01: Sound editing goes to Bourne. We missed this, but it might bode well for our prediction of Bourne in the editing category.

9:51: Do we really need an overview of how Oscar ballots are counted? On behalf on East Coasters everywhere, Academy, please let us go to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight.

9:46: Adapted screenplay goes to the Cohen brothers. That was expected.

9:35: Best supporting actress goes to Tilda Swinton. That was sort of unexpected.

9:28: Peter and the Wolf takes best animated short. We’re happy to get a split in the shorts categories. as they are usually simply a toss-up.

9:28: Best live action short goes to Le Mozart Des Pickpickets. Didn’t see that one coming.

9:23: Oscar salute to binoculars and periscopes.

9:13: Best Supporting Actor goes to Javier Bardem. This was expected but he sure looked surprised.

9:10: Art direction goes to Sweeney Todd. We should have gone with the film with the most lavish sets.

9:06:Golden Compass takes best visual effects. We are completely baffled here.

9:03: Atonement’s loss in costume design doesn’t boast well for its art direction chances, since it was more heavily favored in costumes. We’ll have to wait and see…

9:00: Amy Adams is going a great job. Time to add Enchanted to the Netflix queue.

8:56: Best makeup goes to La Vie En Rose. We’re 2 for 3.

8:53: Ratatouille wins. This almost makes up for last year when Cars lost to Happy Feet.

8:48: 80 years of Oscar? Can the filler and give me the best supporting actress award. Looks like we’re in for a long evening of meaningless tributes as the Academy pats itself on the back for achieving it’s 80th anniversary

8:42: Elizabeth takes costume design. Not a good start for our predictions. It seems like period pieces win this every year. We should have known given that Marie Antoinette won last year. Does this mean that Sweeney Todd will take art direction?

8:41: Costume Design…come on Sweeney Todd.

8:38: Dave: Well, Jon Stewart is a vast improvement over speed talking Ellen Degeneres, but REALLY, is Billy Crystal really that busy to not host this show?! Julia: John Stewart is a great choice in this election-focused year. I vote for him!

Welcome to Oscar Frenzy’s third annual LIVE OSCAR BLOG. We’ll keep you up to date on all the awards, the memorable quotes, and the surprises. Here we go. We’re just a few minutes away now…