Little Children‘s trailer features a voice-over about unhappiness, train noises, and a lot of clips of either unhappy or ecstatic people. Although the trailer is well done, it’s hard to know what the actual movie will be like. Kate Winslet appears to be a contender for best actress.
Best Case Scenario: In The Bedroom/Closer
Worst Case Scenario: American Beauty

From the trailer, Babel looks fantastic. Unlike most trailers, it actually tells a story. Babel should be a contender for best picture come Oscar season and Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett look like contenders for the acting awards.
Best Case Scenario: Traffic
Worst Case Scenario: Syriana

Apocalypto is the perfect example of a trailer that leaves you more confused about the movie after watching it. There are lots of pretty scenic shots interspersed with shots of natives running fast. At the end, there is a shot of the Mayan pyramids. Yet, there is no voice over explanation. When it is released, the film’s dialogue will be in Ancient Mayan. This just doesn’t seem like a real Oscar contender to me. What am I missing?
Best Case Scenario: The New World
Worst Case Scenario: Passion of the Christ

The Dreamgirls trailer feels like the intro to American Idol. I am still keeping my fingers crossed that Dreamgirls will be a great movie and withholding judgment until I see the full-length trailer.
Best Case Scenario: Chicago/What’s Love Got to Do with It
Worst Case Scenario: Why Do Fools Fall In Love