11:20: And the Best Picture is…Crash. Oh, no. That’s a big upset. I still don’t think Crash is nearly as good as Brokeback. I predict that Crash will not hold up well over time. At the end of the night, we are 16/24.
11:16: Best Director goes to Ang Lee for Brokeback Mountain. We are 16/23.
11:10: It’s getting late and we still have two more awards to go. Crash wins Best Original Screenplay. We are 15/22.
11:05: Best Adapted Screenplay goes to Brokeback. We are 14/21.
10:55: Best Actress belongs to Reese Witherspoon. I’m happy to see Walk the Line recognized. We are 13/20.
10:53: Best Cinematography goes to Memoirs of a Geisha. That’s an upset. We are 12/19.
10:42: The Best Actor statue goes home with Hoffman. We are 12/18.
10:40: The Oscar for Best Film Editing goes to Crash. We are 11/17.
10:25: Best Foreign Language Film is Tsotsi. We are back on track with two wins in a row and a total of 10 out of 16.
10:26: Best Sound Editing goes to King Kong. No surprise here. We are back on a winning streak. Oscar Frenzy is now an underwhelming 9/15.
10:21: Best Original Song goes to “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” from Hustle & Flow. Now that’s a surprise we weren’t expecting. We are now 8/14.
9:58: Best Sound Mixing goes to King King. Arghh! We are now 8/13.
9:47: Brokeback wins for Original Score. John Williams probably split his own vote. Is this the start of a sweep? We are now 8/12.
9:35: The award for Best Art Direction goes to Memoirs of a Geisha. That’s two awards so far for Geisha. Oscar Frenzy is 8/11.
9:26: Dave points out that Jon Stewart seems completely out of place. He’s just too smart for this crowd. The 3 hour Daily Show format doesn’t work.
9:19: Best Documentary goes to March of the Penguins. We are 7/10.
9:17: Documentary Short Subject goes to A Note of Triumph, which was not predicted to win. We are 6/9.
9:11: Is something wrong with the teleprompter? Lauren Bacall seemed to be having a lot of trouble getting out her speech.
9:01: The Best Supporting Actress award now belongs to Rachel Weisz. Oscary Frenzy is 6/8. What is up with the background music during acceptance speeches? Is the allotted acceptance speech time now 5 seconds?
8:55: And the best makeup award goes to Narnia. We are 5/7.
8:47: Memoirs of a Geisha just took Best Costume Design. Finally, another winning pick. We are at 4/6.
8:44: The award for Best Animated Short goes to The Moon and the Sun. The Moon and the Sun might not be the most impressive animation but it is the best story. Too bad we didn’t pick it. We are now 3/5.
8:42: The award for Best Live Action Short goes to Six Shooter. Yowsers. We changed our pick from Six Shooter at the last minute. Oscar Frenzy is now 3/4.
8:34: Dolly Parton is rocking. I am starting to regret not picking her for best song.
8:31: Wow. The awards are going fast this year. The award for Best Animated Feature goes to Wallace & Gromit. We are 3/3.
8:27: The award for Best Visual Effects goes to King Kong. We are 2/2.
8:15: In one of the toughtest categories to call this year, Best Supporting Actor goes to George Clooney. We are 1 for 1 so far.
8:00: After what felt like hours of dress and suit coverage, the Oscars are about to start. Dave and I are ready to offer you live commentary.