This is it. No more second-guessing. Now we let the voters decide.

Oscar Frenzy is making two calculated changes to our predictions. In the Supporting Actress category, we’re backing Amy Ryan over Tilda Swinton. Here’s the simple rationale. Amy Ryan was simply better. The argument for Michael Clayton was that it HAS to win something. But look closer at recent Oscar history and you’ll find that well deserving films such as Gangs of New York and Good Night and Good Luck walked away empty-handed. No reason it can’t happen to Michael Clayton. As a nail in the coffin, George Clooney recently offered up his predictions and he even picked Ryan over Swinton. To us, that says something.

Our second change is in the costume design category. We’re learning our lesson from last year and going with Sweeney Todd over Atonement. Atonement was simply too recent and plus, how difficult was it to make those costumes? They’re just nice dresses and some army gear. A lot more creativity went into Sweeney Todd.

So there you have it. If you still have an Oscar contest to enter, copy these predictions below. Trust us this time. You won’t be sorry.

Best Picture: No Country For Old Men
Best Director: The Coens, No Country For Old Men
Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis, There Will Be Blood
Best Actress: Julie Christie, Away From Her
Best Supporting Actor: Javier Bardem, No Country For Old Men
Best Supporting Actress: Amy Ryan, Gone Baby Gone
Animated Feature: Ratatouille
Cinematography: There Will Be Blood
Foreign Language Film: The Counterfeiters
Documentary Feature: No End In Sight
Documentary Short: Freehold
Adapted Screenplay: No Country For Old Men
Original Screenplay: Juno
Live Action Short: Tanghi Argentini
Animated Short: Peter and the Wolf
Editing: The Bourne Ultimatum
Costume Design: Sweeney Todd
Original Score: Atonement
Original Song: “Falling Slowly,” Once
Art Direction: There Will Be Blood
Makeup: La Vie En Rose
Visual Effects: Transformers
Sound Editing: Transformers
Sound Mixing: Transformers