9:49: Best Adapted Screenplay goes to Departed. Oscar Frenzy is now 5 out of 9. Very soothing music as they kick William Monahan off stage.

9:43: Best Animated Feature goes to Happy Feet. Wow. We’re stinking up the place tonight. Oscar Frenzy is now 4 for 8 and keeping our fingers crossed that we don’t go below .500.

9:40: The last segment proved two things. Leonardo DiCaprio could be a great politician and Al Gore a great actor.

9:36: From Dave: So far the show has been real impressive. Moving along quickly, but not feeling rushed. Very entertaining numbers. Good, even somewhat poignant, speeches. A few surprises just to make it interesting. And Ellen continues to amaze. They really seem to be on the ball this year.

9:35: Melissa Etheridge is definitely making great use of the huge Oscar audience by having all of the environmental tips run in the background during her song.

9:29: From Dave: You have got to watch out for Little Miss Sunshine now for Best Picture. The Arkin win was a huge upset and could indicate greater than expected support for the film. Also, noticed when Ellen interviewed Scorsese and congratulated him for The Departed there didn’t seem to be a huge smattering of applause. Too bad for Eddie. He was really good in Dreamgirls.

9:21: Supporting actor goes to Alan Arkin. That was a huge upset. Someone somewhere just made a lot of money betting on this race.

9:19: Sound mixing goes to Dreamgirls. We are 4 for 6 now and breathing a sigh of relief.

9:16: Letters takes sound editing. Oscar Frenzy is 3 for 5. That was a close one.

9:05: To those of you following along with us, we apologize for all of the technical problems. We are keeping out fingers crossed that the site can stay up through the entire show. We have been having lots of problems with our web host the past week. If you have recommendations for a new host, please let us know.

9:04: West Bank Story for best live-action short. We’re 3 for 4.

9:01: Argh. Best animated short goes to The Danish Poet. Oscar Frenzy is 2 for 3.

8:57: Makeup goes to Pan’s. Oscar Frenzy is 2 for 2.

8:46: That was fast. Best Art Direction goes to Pan’s. Oscar Frenzy is 1 for 1.

8:41: Ellen is doing a great job being funny and inoffensive. If there was an Oscar for best rambler, she would win hands-down. She’s the funniest host we’ve had in a long, long time.

8:33: Wow. This is a really dull intro. Is there some inside joke I am missing? Is the Mac guy about to show up?

Welcome to Oscar Frenzy’s 2nd Annual Live-blog of the Academy Awards. We’ll be following the awards as they are presented, updating you on our predictions, and offering other (hopefully) interesting comments. Here’s hoping for a fun night. We are happy to be part of the Oscar live-blogging family tonight with Oscar Watch

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