12:15: BEST PICTURE GOES TO THE DEPARTED! Well deserved. It was great to see Jack present the award to his own movie. You could tell by the duration of that standing ovation for best director that The Departed had a real chance to take home the biggest award of the night. Time to go to sleep and dream of Oscars 2008.

12:08: Best director goes to Martin Scorsese. Yippee!

12:05: Whitaker for best actor. Sorry about the site crashing.

11:54: Helen Mirren takes Best Actress. What’s the deal with the personal facts that are read as the winners walk up. I don’t want to know about the winner’s childhood pet. Just give me their awards history please.

11:48: With that last editing win, that’s two for Sunshine and 2 for The Departed. And they both won the screenplay categories as expected. It looks like it will be a showdown between those two as expected. We’re sticking with Scorsese for now.

11:44: That was a very moving introduction by Jodie Foster.

11:42: Film Editing goes to Departed. Maybe Departed still has a chance for best picture.

11:39: This has been, without a doubt, one of the most unpredictable Oscar shows in years. Hardly anyone fathomed, let alone predicted “Happy Feet” over “Cars” and “I Need to Wake Up” to win Best Song. Could we be in for one more monumental upset in the remaining big categories? Perhaps an Eastwood win or even Peter O’ Toole?! Anything could happen.

11:36: We are at 3 hours 3 minutes and still have 5 categories to go. Do we really need another look at the movies? I get it. Movies are good. Go Hollywood. Don’t pirate films. Now, let’s move on please.

11:30: Best song goes to An Inconvenient Truth. Dreamgirls just got screwed.

11:28: What a brilliant musical number. Excellent decision in having Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson sing duet on each other’s songs. That was hands down the best portion of the show so far.

11:14: Best Original Screenplay goes to Little Miss Sunshine. Finally, a non-upset.

11:13: Well it looks like Best Picture is really up for grabs. Letters, Babel, Sunshine, and The Departed have all won one award. And barring a humongous upset, The Queen will have one win as well for Helen Mirren. It looks like anyone’s game.

11:09: Best Original Score goes to Babel.

10:50: Just wanted to say that we totally agree with Sasha that, “The playing off of winners is the most hateful aspect of this year’s Oscars. They really ought to stop with that – especially when they’re showing crap continually.”

10:48: Best Documentary goes to An Inconvenient Truth. Al, you have one more chance. Go for it!

10:45: Best Doc Short Subject goes to The Blood of Yingzhou District. Oscar Frenzy isn’t looking so good. We are now 7/14.

10:35: Jennifer Hudson wins Supporting Actress. Take that Simon!

10:25: Best Foreign Film goes to The Lives of Others. Wow. That’s a huge upset. Pan’s was thought to be a lock.

10:17: Best Visual Effects goes to Pirates. We are now back to .500.

10:14: Best Cinematography goes to Pan’s. Let’s not even talk about how poorly Oscar Frenzy is doing right now.

10:10: Wow. References to MySpace and cell phones cameras within a 5 minute span. How long until Facebook gets a shout out?

10:00: Best Costume Design goes to Marie Antoinette. Hmm. Marie Antoinette won this category by a considerable percentage in our Oscar poll. Voters, we should have listened to you. This loss puts Oscar Frenzy back at .500.

10:00: Welcome to Part II of our live-blog.