Depending on what happens this Sunday, the Best Picture race could get a lot clearer or a lot murkier. Five films are up for the prestigious Best Picture race and if years past are any indication, a BAFTA win can prove influential. In 2003, “The Pianist” captured top prizes at the British Academy Awards. Less than a month later, it rode the wave of momentum to shocking upsets in the Best Actor (Adrien Brody) and Director (Roman Polanski) categories. Who knows how close it actually came in the balloting to edging out “Chicago.”

Four of the five Oscar nominated Best Pictures are in contention Sunday. But the stakes are a little different for each film. Here’s what we’re looking at. Given its subject matter, “The Queen” is a heavy favorite to take Best Picture. If it doesn’t, that means its Oscar chances are pretty much dead. Oscar Frenzy has already eliminated “The Queen” from contention, but if it wins the BAFTA, in addition to the current saavy publicity campaign (probably the best of all the films), it could vault to the top of the list just like that. Remember, Academy voters still have one week to turn in their ballots. On the other hand, a win for “Babel,” The Departed,” or “Little Miss Sunshine” would instantly mean frontrunner status. The case could not be stronger than for “Little Miss Sunshine,” which is not the typical film that is beloved by the British Academy. If it somehow pulls the upset and wins Best Picture, your Oscar race may very well be over.

Here are the rest of our predictions for the BAFTAs. We’re predicting a sweep for “The Queen.” Like the real Oscars, there are all sorts of technical categories and the winners may help shed some light on the closest Oscar races, like art directon (production design), editing, and cinematography. For a more comprehensive list of what other experts are predicting, check out the big chart over at Oscarwatch.

Best Picture – “The Queen”

Best Director – Stephen Frears, “The Queen”

Best Actor – Forest Whitaker, “The Last King of Scotland”

Best Actress – Helen Mirren, “The Queen”

Best Supporting Actor – Michael Sheen, “The Queen”

Best Supporting Actress – Emily Blunt, “The Devil Wears Prada”

Best Original Screenplay – “Little Miss Sunshine”

Best Adapted Screenplay – “The Departed”

Best British Film – “The Queen”

Best Foreign Language Film – “Pan’s Labyrinth”

Best Animated Film – “Cars”

Best Editing – “The Departed”

Best Cinematography – “Casino Royale”

Best Production Design – “Pan’s Labyrinth”

Best Costume Design – “The Queen”

Best Makeup – “The Queen”

Best Film Music – “The Queen”

Best Sound – “Casino Royale”

Best Visual Effects – “Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”Coraline rip Song for a Raggy Boy hd