First of all, please note that our final predictions in all categories will be posted Thursday night. We have analyzed all the races in depth and are confident our predictions will provide you with your best shot at winning that elusive Oscar pool. But, now, let’s turn our attention to the story of the hour.

Just today, news broke that someone is suing The Hurt Locker, claiming that the main character is actually modeled off of a real person, who did not receive any credit from the screenwriter. Of course, Oscar polls are closed. But this story comes on the heels of the email fiasco, where a Hurt Locker producer emailed Academy voters urging them to vote for his film over Avatar. What does this all mean? It could be a whole lot of nothing, but as it raises some doubt, we have to ask ourselves again, can a small film about the Iraq War, which a lot of people have probably still not seen, really defeat the biggest movie in the world?

Remember that critics do not vote for Oscars. Academy voters do, and Academy voters will comprise largely of actors. Even with this year’s preferential balloting system, if enough voters put Avatar #1 on their ballot, it may be enough for the win despite The Hurt Locker garnering more #2 or #3 votes. Since Kathryn Bigelow is virtually a lock for Best Director, voters may decide to split the top prizes, giving Avatar Best Picture. It is very, very possible.

No film that has grossed as little as The Hurt Locker has won Best Picture. That is something worth remembering. At the end of the day, someone will win and someone will lose. We have one more day to ponder the most intriguing Best Picture race in possibly a decade. The countdown is definitely on.