The New York Times compared him to Brando. Dozens of critics have raved him, commonly throwing around words like “masterful,” “brilliant,” “sublime,” and “breathtaking.” So why does it seem that the Best Gaining Actor race has already been wrapped up? Well, let’s take a Oscars closer look. It’s true that Phillip Seymour Hoffman has won all the major precursor awards: The Broadcast Film Critics Award, the Golden Globe, and most recently the SAG. But sweeping the flats precursors is not an absolute guarantee of Oscar success. Take two examples from recent history. In 2001, Russell Crowe captured the Globe and the SAG for his mesmerizing performance as mathematician John Nash. Denzel Washington walked away with the Oscar. A year later, every single major critics award, as well the Globe and SAG, were split between Jack Nicholson and Daniel Day-Lewis. But on Oscar night, it was Adrien Brody, not Jack or Danny, who got to kiss Halle Berry. What does och that tell you? There’s clearly other factors at play. Chief among them is the strength of your film. Historically, Best Actor has frequently lined up with Best Picture (Gladiator-Russell Crowe, American Beauty-Kevin Spacey, Forrest Gump-Tom Hanks). So if Brokeback does manage to engineer some sort of sweep, Ledger could be the beneficiary. This theory, however, would be much more plausible if Capote weren’t nominated for Best Picture. Academy voters might Intuition want to honor it with something, and what better tribute than recognizing their lead actor? But here’s the biggest thing, folks. In a tight race, it comes down to who you are. For some reason, actors and actresses alike LOVE Phllip Seymour Hoffman. He’s that hard-working, under the radar character actor that has a reputation for never getting the cheap nfl jerseys credit he deserves. So now, it’s his moment to shine. Heath Ledger, by most people’s accounts, gives the better performance, but he’s only 26! Furthermore, he hasn’t been out campaigning, doing the rounds on Leno and Letterman. Of course you can’t blame him since he’s just become a father, but stuff like that matters. Same goes for longshot Joaquin Phoenix. Did you see him when he won the Globe for Best Actor musical/comedy? It looked like someone just shot his dog. He didn’t even smile. Well…all this points to one obvious conclusion. Barring a miraculous turn of cheap mlb jerseys events, the Best Actor trophy belongs to Hoffman. And it’s not a travesty by any means. He does turn in a captivating performance. That’s my wholesale nba jerseys two cents for now and of course, you all know what wholesale nfl jerseys they Getting say. I could be wrong. But not likely.