The Broadcast Film Critics Awards announce their nominations Tuesday. In recent years, the BFCA has carved for itself a more prominent role in the Oscar race. In 2001, the BFCA’s launched “A Beautiful Mind” into the frontrunner’s spot by awarding it Best Picture. “A Beautiful Mind” went on to win the Oscar. BFCA releases an annual top ten list of Best Picture nominees. Unlike the AFI’s top ten, which often awards crowd-pleasers (Borat, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Spiderman 2), the BFCAs recognize critically acclaimed, Oscar caliber films. In the past few years, every single Best Picture nominee has cracked the BFCA top ten. Here are our predictions this year (in alphabetical order):

The Departed
Flags of Our Fathers
The Good Shepherd
Letters From Iwo Jima
Little Children
Little Miss Sunshine
The Queen
United 93