This year’s list of nominees for Best Supporting Actress has somewhat of a fresh feel to it.  The newcomers are nearly fifty years apart in age, but only one stands a chance, and a damn good one at that.  Fourteen year-old Hailee Steinfeld was the “true grit” of the Coen Brothers’ remake.  One must wonder why she was not nominated for Best Actress, since True Grit was her story, and she was onscreen from beginning to end — more than Jeff Bridges.  Her performance is steadfast, eloquent, charming, and humorous, and she very well could take home the award. Jackie Weaver, 63, who appears briefly in the Australian crime drama, Animal Kingdom, is the lone lady that can be completely ruled out for an Oscar, as the film was not widely seen, nor is she particularly on screen for very long.   Melissa Leo, nominated once before for Frozen River, seems to have the edge over her co-actress Amy Adams, as she transforms herself into a white-trash overbearing mother of the boxing brothers and several saucy daughters.  The award should go to Adams, nominated twice previously, for finally breaking out of her nice-girl roles to show us what we always knew she could be:  a feisty, sexy, vulgar vixen.  Helena Bonham Carter, who amazingly has only been nominated once, could ride the whole King’s Speech wave into shore, but expect Leo to win by judges’ ringside decision.