With the Oscars less than a week away, a lot of talk has centered around who will win best supporting actor. Giamatti was the early favorite but recently Clooney has been gaining steam. I thought that it would be interesting to look at both who has won the most precursor awards and the reviews for the movies that they were in. From looking at the graph, we can see that while Paul Giamatti has won the most precursor awards, William Hurt was in the better reviewed film. Yet, Giamatti won four precursor awards while Hunt only won two. Clooney and Dillon have also won two precursor awards, while Jake Gyllenhaal has won three. Clooney’s Syriana was the lowest rated film, followed by Dillon’s Crash.

The graphic above is good for visualizing how Clooney’s movie and performance stack up. A win by Clooney would be a big upset. He was both in the lowest rated film and has the fewest number of precursor award wins. If he takes home the Oscar, a lot of people will be left wondering if he was the most deserving nominee.