Like Documentary short subject, this is another category that is traditionally very difficult to predict. There are some years when there is a clear favorite (West Bank Story, Toyland), but in most years it is a crapshoot. The only trend that seems to persist over time is that longer “short films” tend to fare better. Depending on the year, voters may embrace a serious film or a cute one. Sometimes, a film that features a famous actor, such as Brandon Gleeson in Martin McDonough’s Six Shooter, comes out on top. Here are this year’s nominees:

The Confession
The Crush
God of Love
Na Wewe
Wish 143

The Confession is about a Catholic boy who decides he must do something bad so that he can have something to confess. It’s clever, but sort of a one trick pony. Same with The Crush, about a boy who has a crush on his teacher, whose fiancee is unworthy of her love.  God of Love is a comedy about the legend of Cupid. All these films, while respectable, probably will be overmatched by the two serious entries in this year’s race.

Those two films are Na Wewe and Wish 143. Na Wewe is a story set amidst the conflict in Burundi between Hutus and Tutsis. It’s real, raw, and has a message. Wish 143 is about a boy dying of cancer who has a unique last wish: to lose his virginity. How do you compare these two very different films? Either can easily win, but we think Wish 143 has the edge. Na Wewe may be better suited for a documentary short. Besides, Wish 143 will appeal to many because not only does it have a unique premise (imperative for a short film), but it is incredibly sentimental as well.