“The thing that makes Woody special is that he’ll never give up on you.  Ever.”


As crazy as this may sound, this category may not be all wrapped up as many people perceive.  First of all, How to Train Your Dragon won the Toronto Film Critics Association Awards, and is co-directed by Chris Sanders, who was nominated once before for his Lilo & Stitch.  Sanders was also a story writer for Disney Academy Award winners like The Lion King, Aladdin and Beauty & the Beast.  The Illusionist was directed by Sylvain Chomet, who was nominated twice before for his Triplets of Belleville.  His new film also won the European Film Awards (it is French, after all), as well as the National Board of Review — often a precursor to an Oscar win;  but so did Pixar, which has won the Best Animated Feature Oscar five times out of the first ten years the category has been around, while Dragon’s Dreamworks has taken home the Oscar twice.  Ultimately, Toy Story 3 was more widely seen, adored, and well-received, while Pixar films have been nominated fifty times — including this year — FIFTY.  The company has won twelve, and despite the quality competition this year, we fully expect Pixar to take home their thirteenth.