Over the years, Editing has been one of the trickier categories to predict. In some years, the award is linked to the eventual Best Picture winner. In other years, it goes to an action film, such as The Matrix or Black Hawk Down. Recent winners of this award include The Hurt Locker, Slumdog Millionaire, Crash, The Bourne Ultimatum, and The Departed. This year’s nominees are:

127 Hours
The King’s Speech
The Fighter
The Social Network
Black Swan

Each of the nominees is brilliantly edited. In 127 Hours, the editor was able to piece together scene after scene in order to keep a story about a man essentially stuck beneath a boulder for two hours compelling. Black Swan featured challenging ballet sequences and scenes of psychological horror. The King’s Speech and The Fighter fit the bill since Best Picture contenders usually dominate this category, though neither film’s editing really stood out in a remarkable way.

Which brings us to The Social Network, a film many critics have lauded as a “near perfect film.” From beginning to end, there is arguably not a single scene that is unnecessary or is too long. The pacing of the film is brisk, almost like an action movie. Take one of the first scenes of the movie for example. Mark Zuckerberg is at his computer trying to create Fashmash and juggling a dozen things at one time. The film puts you right in his shoes, you feel like your brain is being bombarded with a million ideas. Yet, everything makes sense and you know where it is all going.

What it comes down to is how dominant will The King’s Speech be. If it sweeps the Oscars, as some are predicting, it may snag the Editing prize too. However, if voters pay more attention to the actual editing, The Social Network and 127 Hours stand out the most. Since Network is the more heavily exposed film, we give it the edge to take home the prize.