It’s time for another round of trailer reviews as we weigh in with our initial impressions on this fall’s Oscar contenders.


At first, it seems to be a simple tale of suspense and deceit, but upon further examination, there appears to be a more profound complexity. Despite a glamorous cast of stars, the characters seem anything but vain, which bodes well for the story. One possible concern is that the film may be recognized for its potential surprise ending rather than overall character-driven drama.

Best case scenario: Match Point
Worst case scenario: Derailed


Will Farrell is hilarious and immensely watchable and Emma Thompson is a riot in playing against type. Yet, the film feels much like a one trick pony. Once Farrell’s character realizes he is a character in a book, the story seems to stall, or stretch. Though obviously a comedy, the trailer doesn’t reveal many dramatic elements that could endear the film to more serious minded Academy voters.

Best case scenario: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or Adaptation
Worst case scenario: Liar Liar


The trailer features a deliberate buildup interweaving many different stories and characters. In tone, it is both mysterious and ominous, and the A- list cast seems to blend into their roles effectively (even Lindsay Lohan and Joshua Jackson). However, the saintly references to Robert Kennedy allude to a potential downfall: overindulgence.

Best case scenario: Crash
Worst case scenario: Bulworth


Leo’s accent is laughable, but his performance appears solid as usual. Still, something about this film makes it feel like we’ve seen it before. The scenes depicting tragedy and despair push the brink of believability and the action seems to overshadow the human drama. This feels like a message movie where the message gets shoved down your throat.

Best case scenario: The Constant Gardener
Worst case scenario: Tears of the Sun