Here we go! ┬áThis should be one of the more entertaining Oscars in recent years. The slate of Best Picture films is better than usual and it’s spearheaded by a 14 nomination behemoth everyone knows as La La Land. How many will it win? Does it have a shot at the record of 11 wins? The show is underway so we should find out soon enough.

5:37: Is Jimmy Kimmel the next Seth McFarlane? So far there are some similarities. He actually said the words “Make America Great Again.” You know who is loving that!

5:44: Kimmel’s delivery is spot on. Thankfully it’s not a bash Trump fest so far. The jokes are clever and classy.

5:48: First award of the night. Best Supporting Actor goes to Mahershala Ali of Moonlight! Where did this guy come from? He gets a well deserved standing ovation. Ali is only in 1/3 of the film but he owns it, from the first frame he walks into. It was a performance of both amazing tenderness and forcefulness. Awards Frenzy correctly predicted Ali so we are 1 for 1.

5:57: The Best Makeup and Hairstyling Award goes to Suicide Squad. This is a minor upset. Most people were leaning in favor of Star Trek Beyond. What is interesting is that Suicide Squad had a better box office than Star Trek. That could have made a difference in this close category. Awards Frenzy went with Star Trek Beyond so we are now 1 for 2.

6:01: Wow, here comes a second upset. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them wins Best Costume Design! The frontrunners were Jackie and La La Land. But if voters were to really consider which costumes stood out the most, it probably would have been Fantastic Beasts. Colleen Atwood is a multi-Oscar winner and she takes home yet another trophy. Awards Frenzy is quickly 1 for 3. We could be in store for a night of many surprises.

6:10: Best Documentary Feature is awarded to OJ: Made in America. Well, it was a little unfair here as OJ was a six part documentary that aired on ESPN and got way more exposure, but it was well deserved. It was an insightful story about race and class in America and the power of celebrity. Awards Frenzy got this one right so we are back at even, 2 for 4.

6:26: Here are the sound awards. Best Sound Editing goes to Arrival. Yet another upset! Hacksaw Ridge was the favorite here as war movies usually do well in this category. But Arrival was a popular film and it won the BAFTA award for Sound, which has been a past indicator. Awards Frenzy is 2 for 5.

6:31: Well, Hacksaw Ridge doesn’t come away empty handed. It wins Best Sound Mixing! This is the most unpredictable Oscars we’ve had in a very, very long time. Hacksaw Ridge had good sound, but who would have thought it would win mixing but not editing? You can throw the general consensus out the window this year. Awards Frenzy is 2 for 6. Also, La La Land is 0 for 3. Cause for concern?who know

6:45: Viola Davis wins Best Supporting Actress! This is her first Oscar win and it’s about time. She is an incredible actress who brings passion every single time. Look at the clips of the nominated supporting actresses. Without a doubt, this is the strongest field in years. Michelle Williams and Naomie Harris would be worthy winners in a heartbeat. Awards Frenzy got Davis right so we are 3 for 7.

6:58: Best Foreign Language Film goes to The Salesman! Well this was expected since the director of the film was not allowed to travel to the United States due to Trump’s travel ban and many voters were probably making a political statement. Good rationale for voting? We’ll reserve judgment on that. Awards Frenzy is now 4 for 8.

7:08: Best Animated Short goes to Piper. Of course, it’s Pixar again! They should be banned from this category. The film played before Finding Dory so got more exposure than any of the other nominees. The film produced by Google looked pretty cool. Guess you can’t beat a cute little bird. Awards Frenzy was right on Piper and now are 5 out of 9.

7:11: Zootopia takes Best Animated Feature! Zootopia was not only delightful but also had an important message about diversity and how people need to look past stereotypes. We’re quite happy about this recognition. Awards Frenzy predicted it right and now we’re 6 out of 10.

7:14: Yes! First award of the night for La La Land for Best Production Design. About time. Arrival was more extravagant and creative, but La La Land’s was elegant and an essential part of the film. Kind of like The Great Gatsby from a few years ago. Awards Frenzy got this one right and now are trending up at 7 out of 11.

7:20: Kimmel is killing it. Love the digs against Matt Damon. By the way, Matt Damon needs to play Tom Brady in a bio-pic pretty soon. Ben Affleck can direct.

7:30: Best Visual Effects goes to The Jungle Book. This was expected. What probably put Jungle Book over the top is that it grossed more than all the other nominees. But what a difference in effects all the movies had. Doctor Strange and Deepwater Horizon looked very good actually. We did pick Jungle Book so our tally is 8 out of 12 now.

7:36: Gosh, we just love Michael J. Fox. What an awesome guy! Best Editing goes to Hacksaw Ridge. We missed that one. War movies have a mixed track record in this category, but the battle scenes were well edited here for sure. It is nice to see Mel Gibson back at the Oscars. That makes two Oscars for Hacksaw Ridge. They are leading the way! Awards Frenzy is now 8 for 13.

7:44: Documentary Short goes to The White Helmets. Yay!! We were totally rooting for this one because the story of the White Helmets in Syria is incredibly moving and compelling. A volunteer group of people risking their lives going into buildings that are still being bombed to rescue children and others. Awards Frenzy is now 9 for 14.

7:47: Best Live Action Short is awarded to Sing. This was probably the most uplifting of the films and it takes home the prize here. This is traditionally one of the toughest categories to pick and we usually miss it every year :(. Awards Frenzy is now 9 for 15.

7:59: La La Land takes Best Cinematography! Whew. We had a gut feeling Arrival was going to win here. But La La Land was the slight frontrunner most of the way. This award often goes with Best Director so we’ll see if the trend continues. That’s two awards now for La La Land, but it’s not setting any records tonight unfortunately. Awards Frenzy got this right so we’re 10 out of 16.

8:14: La La Land wins Best Original Score!! No surprise here. The score was perhaps the best part of the film and instantly ingrained in the heads of everyone who has seen this film. Hurwitz and director Chazelle put so much work into this film and it showed. Awards Frenzy was correct here so we’re at 11 out of 17.

8:17: All right! Another award for La La Land. “City of Stars” wins Best Original Song. This is a magnificent song that serves as the undertone for the film. La La Land now has four awards and counting. Awards Frenzy was right again and we’re now 12 out of 18.

8:25: As always a very moving tribute to those legends that will always live on in our cherished memories.

8:29: That “We Bought a Zoo” bit was the funniest thing we’ve seen at the Oscars in ten years!!!

8:30: Best Original Screenplay goes to Kenneth Lonergan for Manchester by the Sea! We are thrilled by this because we loved this film. It was beautiful and said so much about humanity. La La Land would have been a good choice here, but the script for Manchester was pitch perfect. Awards Frenzy got this right so we are 13 out of 19.

8:34: Moonlight takes Best Adapted Screenplay. We had a feeling Hidden Figures would pull this out, but we stuck with Moonlight at the end. It is well deserved because the film felt so real and it was a simple story that really focused on the characters and their lives. Barry Jenkins gave new definition to low budget film-making and he got great performances out of all his actors and actresses. Awards Frenzy is now 14 out of 20. Four awards to go!

8:41: Best Director goes to Damien Chazelle for La La Land!!! He looks way younger than 32 years old. It’s great to see how humble he is too. Best directing usually goes to the greatest visionary and that’s what Chazelle did this year. His movie was a love letter to Hollywood, to artists, and dreamers. We couldn’t be happier to see him win. Awards Frenzy is now 15 out of 21.

8:48: Yeah!!!! This was the moment we were waiting for all night. Casey Affleck wins Best Actor for Manchester by the Sea! The pundits had given the edge to Denzel Washington who won the Screen Actor’s Guild award, but most people agreed that Affleck had the more powerful performance. In fact, it was one of the best acting performances we have seen in a decade honestly. Awards Frenzy was right about Affleck so we are 16 out of 22.

8:56: Best Actress goes to Emma Stone! This was closer than people may have realized. Natalie Portman was definitely a threat here. She was phenomenal in Jackie. Even Meryl Streep looked pretty amazing as always in that clip. But Stone is deserving because she played the struggling actress/artist to perfection in La La Land. And she sung and she danced and she was the absolute heart of the film. Awards Frenzy picked Emma Stone so we’re at 17 out of 23.

9:10: Well, we’ve never seen anything like this before. Apparently, Moonlight wins Best Picture. Wow. What a dramatic moment that was. Class act by the producers of La La Land. Awards Frenzy finishes the night 17 out of 24. Not a very good performance. Congratulations to Moonlight and all the winners tonight.